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Current Used Firearm Inventory

Current as of 2/19/2018

SCCY cpx-1 9mm

Ruger P95-9mm

Taurus PT709 -9mm

Springfield XD MOD2-45acp

Smith/Wesson MP40c-40s/w

Bersa Thunder-380acp

Zastava M57-7.62x25

Springfield XDM-45acp

Thompson Center Contender

Ruger GP100-357 Mag

Stoger 1873 -45lc


Marlin 917v-17hmr

Savage 93-17hmr

Henry Big Boy Steel -.357/38spec

Henry Steel-22mag

K98 Mauser- 308


Mauser 8mm

Savage 170-30-30

Glenfield 336 30-30

Savage 24a-20ga,222

Remington 700

Winchester 120 ranger-20ga

Savage 111 30-06

Universal m1 30 carbine

Browning BPS 12ga